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Airport Plan in North Bali Area

Is it yes or no ?

The current hot issue is about the cancellation of airport development at Kubu Tambahan Buleleng Bali. It is not clear whether the cancellation was done. I wonder what happened to the above government policy, huh? But I believe, all government policies must have been considered carefully for the benefit of society in the long term. Moreover, the current government track record is firm, full of calculations and oriented towards Indonesian Glory .

Over Capacity in The South of Bali

It can not be denied, this small island of Bali already feels quite congested with the growth of tourism, especially in the area of ​​South Bali (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Coastal area of Tabanan). Congestion along Ngurah Rai Airport, which connects to the border of Gianyar, Tabanan, and Denpasar makes it uncomfortable. Air pollution, due to the abundance of motor vehicles along the way, makes motorcyclists wear masks. A hedonistic lifestyle that is close to prostitution, and illegal drugs are increasingly prevalent. Land prices are soaring so high that the Balinese are tempted to sell their ancestral land to meet the various needs of life. An unpleasant situation.

North-South Inequality

Inequality of development is felt, the southern region so rapidly, while the northern regions left behind. Quite a few pockets of poverty in the north. Call it the area of ​​Kintamani (Songan, Kedisan, and Trunyan), Karang Asem (Munti, Tembok), Tabanan, Negara, Bangli. It is ironic, in sparkling tourism Bali is still a lot of poor people. Many young workers do not want to be farmers. They tend to go to southern Bali to work in the tourism sector. A threat to the future of Bali.

Just One Airport, Imitate Transportation Management in Singapore

It seems that it is not easy to overcome various problems arising in the south of Bali due to tourism. For example, congestion in the area of ​​Kuta, Nusa Dua and Denpasar. Especially the ones in Ngurah Rai Airport area. The government has been trying to build a toll road on water, under pass at Simpang Siur, widening roads, rearranging traffic flows, to enforcing e-money. But it seems that the jam problem can not be solved. The number of vehicles far exceeds the number of streets. If building a flyover, it is impossible.

The plan to build an International Airport in the Northern Territory of Bali (Buleleng), actually makes sense to break up the centrality and saturation of development in the Southern Region of Bali. It may be said at this time the cause of all these problems, because the location of the airport is in the south of Bali. Everyone wants to build near the airport. As a result all economic activity is there. Many tourists complain about this traffic jam, it is not impossible they are reluctant to come to Bali again if this problem is not overcome.

There may also be concerns from the current tourism business, if the airport is built in Buleleng will have a negative impact for his business. Logically, some tourists will move to stay in northern Bali. It seems that this is the dominant cause of the cancellation of airport development in the north of Bali Island.

Does the airport still need to be built again in north Bali?


Improving transportation system in south Bali area?

For example imitating the transportation system in Singapore. Because Singapore seems to be able to overcome the problems associated with congestion and transportation. In fact, they have one airport only, with the number of tourists and residents far more than the island of Bali. While the land area is smaller than the island of Bali.


Make a highway from Ngurah Rai Airport to North Bali (Buleleng); East Bali (Karang Asem) and West Bali (Negara).


Making Bali an expensive and quality destination?

Actually Bali has potential for this. But the application of the concept of quality tourism, not easy. No studies have focused on this.


People need to know, what exactly is the scientific study of this problem. Any decision taken, if based on scientific studies, feasibility studies, and known by the public (transparent), will certainly have a good impact in the future.

Surely this will be a good learning for the government and society in building Bali.

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