Minggu, Juni 28, 2009


Michael Jackson is one of the most popular star in musical industry all over the world. He creates so many wonderfull and unforgettable songs that hypnotize his fans all over the world. The action and creativity on the stage when he sing a song, the style and he really unique in all aspects of life. He always try to make the difference by doing some modifications in his style and new songs. His songs tell us about love, peace and humanity.Really respect of his music.

What can we take from Michael Jackson into the Tourism? The answer is a differentiation strategic to win the competition. Michael jackson always change in every decade, he changed his face, his style, coreography, and really hard work.

What shouldn't we take from Michael Jackson into Tourism? The answer is the negative brand immage make a bad positioning about michael (remember pedhopilia case).

Good Bye Jacko...World has lost one of the best tallented famous singer called Jacko The King of Pop..Rest in Peace Jacko, Your Songs will not ever die, life forever in heart of your fans.