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Berikut ini kami sampaikan istilah-istilah yang berkaitan dengan fisik kapal pesiar yang terkait dengan pelayanan kepada passenger/penumpang

Some terms used on board
  1. Aft          :     The back of the ship.
  2. Beam      :     The width of a ship at its widest part.
  3. Birth        :     A bed in a ship's cabin; also a space at a wharf for a ship to dock or anchor.
  4. Bridge     :     The place from where the officers navigate the ship.
  5. Bow        :     Front or forward portion of the ship
  6. Companionway    :     Interior stairway
  7. Control room    :     Room from where the engines and other equipment are controlled
  8. Crew    :     Bar for the crew.
  9. Crew mess    :     The cafeteria where the crews eat.
  10. Crew shop     :     Shop for the crew, where you may purchase toiletries, mineral water, tobacco and other necessities.
  11. Crew station bill    :     A chart explaining the responsibilities you have in case of an emergency.
  12. Day room     :     Meeting rooms for crew.
  13. Debarkation     :     When passengers exit the ship at end of cruise.
  14. Deck     :     A ship has several floors like a building, they are referred to as decks.
  15. Dock     :     Pier; Wharf where all the ships alongside.
  16. Embarkation    :     When passengers enter the ship at the beginning of a cruise 
  17. Emergency Station     :     The place where you have been assigned to in case of emergency.
  18. Forward     :    The front of the ship.
  19. Galley     :     The kitchen
  20. Gangway     :     The opening through the ship's bulwarks and the ramp by which passengers embark and disembark.
  21. Gross Tonnage     :     The cubical capacity of a vessel divided by 100  cu ft. However, some spaces are excluded by the so – called Moorsom rules.
  22. Leeward     :     With the wind.
  23. Lifeboat/raft station     :     The life boat you have been assigned to in case of an evacuation.
  24. Luggage gandling     :     Luggage has to be on - loaded by certain crewmembers to facilitate the debarkation/ embarkation process.
  25. Amidships    :     The middle of the ship.
  26. Portside     :     Left hand side of the ship when facing forward.
  27. Porthole     :     Circular “windows” in the side of the ships hull or superstructure.
  28. Radio Station     : The communication center of the ship.
  29. Stair tower     :     Stairs connecting the decks.
  30. Starboard     :     Bight-hand side of the ship when facing forward.
  31. Stem     :     The extreme bow or prow of the ship.
  32. Stem     :     The extreme rear of the ship, or toward the rear.
  33. Tender     :     Smaller boat used to transport passengers and crew when the ship is anchored.
  34. Win ward     :     Against the wind.
  35. TBA     :     To Be Assigned
  36. M/V    :     Motor Vessel
  37. M/T    :     Motor Tanker
  38. M/S    :     Motor Ship/ Steam Motor
  39. S/S    :     Steam Ship
  40. TSS    :     Turbine Steam Ship

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