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If You Wanna be A Sailor Man (Popeye)


Life onboard a ship is unique. In the beginning, you will perhaps feel a little lost, but at the same time feel excited Try to keep a positive attitude towards all the new impressions and you will soon enjoy every minute onboard. Always remember that the rest of the crew welcomes you onboard. In most cases, you will arrive on an embarkation day (when passengers leave and passengers arrive). Embarkation day is a busy time for everyone onboard, and crewmembers may seem less patient. Do not despair, as you will soon be included as a member of this busy team.

Your Cabin
Because of the limited space on the ship, most crewmembers share cabins. Since your cabin is going to be your new home while onboard, take care of it as if it was your own home, clean and tidy at all times. It is not recommended to keep money and valuables in your cabin. Always remember to lock your cabin. Safety envelopes for crew are available on certain ships in the crew pursers' office. Valuables may be kept there free of charge. Safety envelopes are available during regular office hours.
The ship provides bed linen and towels. All furniture and equipment must be treated with care. Also, it is your duty to keep your cabin clean and tidy at all times. Some crew have an assigned cabin steward to clean their cabin. If you have, it is customary to tip them for good service.
It is not permitted to take passenger equipment such as towels, tableware, glasses etc. to the crew quarters. Similarly; it is not permitted to take food from the mess rooms, pantries, galley or dining room to the cabin. The US authorities may fine the ship for finding any fruit, nuts and similar items in your cabin.
It is not permitted to take passenger to your cabin. Any crewmember found bringing a passenger into his or her cabin will be dismissed.
The modification of fixture equipment, furnishing and electrical installation, is strictly prohibited. Nails, screws or adhesive must not be used to hang picture, posters, etc. Always keep in mind that other people will be using the cabin later.
We must remind you that smoking in bed and the use of open flame (candles) is strictly prohibited.
Crew Mess
All meals are served in the crew mess. Some ships have more than two messes. Once onboard, you will be informed as to which messes you have access to follow the rules of the mess and always help to keep them clean. From time to time, the meal hours may be changed to fit the sailing plan, but you will be notified of this
in advance.

The ship's hospital is headed by experienced doctors and qualified nurses. In case of illness, unless there is an emergency, the hospital should be contacted during office hours. If you have to visit the doctor, you must notify your superior and it will be arranged. Absence from work because of illness is only accepted if confirmed by a report from the ship's doctor. You must always advise your superior of any restriction or limitation the doctor placed on your ability to work. Failure to do so is a violation of the ship's rules.

Crew Gym
The crew gym is available to all crewmerribers and can be used at posted hours. It is recommended to keep the gym clean and no food or beverage consumed there.

Crew Dayrooms
These dayroorns are used for meeting fellow crewmembers. You are required to keep these dayrooms tidy and neat.

Crew Shop
The ship's crew shop is managed by the crew welfare. In the crew shop, you can buy toiletries, mineral water, cigarettes, chocolate, and other necessities. The crew shop is open at specified hours when the ship is at sea. All sales are in cash.

Crew Bar
The ship's crew bar is run by the crew welfare. Operating hours has to be respected. All sales are strictly cash. You are not permitted to become inebriated or intoxicated while onboard ship. You are not allowed to drink while on duty. Violation of either of this rule in ground for dismissal.
Crew uniforms and work clothes will be cleaned free of charge except for crew working in department under concession. Please follow the instruction for delivery and return of laundry. Do not hand in all your uniform at once for cleaning as this might cause delay since the laundry has a limited capacity. There are laundry machines and dryers free of charge in crew areas.

Crew Welfare Corninittee
Normally, a Cruise Line takes great pride in the Crew Welfare onboard the ship. The crew of each ship elects a Welfare Committee to take care of various arrangements such as sporting events, social events, and management of Crew Bar. All profits are re-invested in the welfare of the crew according to the Welfare Committee's decisions. Welfare activities depend entirely upon the interest and co¬operation of each crewmember. Each department elects one representative to attend all Welfare meetings. With the whole-hearted participation of everyone onboard, almost any need and interest can be covered through the Welfare Committee. If you have any ideas or suggestionSj contact the Crew Welfare Committee.

Notice Boards
On the notice boards, you will find FIRE & LIFEBOAT DRILL information and practical information about customs lists, advance payment, and crew welfare arrangement. Make it a habit of looking at the notice board every day.

Mail to the crew is distributed through each department of the ship. Your supervisor will advise you how mail is distributed in your department Mail addressed to you should be addressed as follows:
Department where you work
Name of ship
Address as advised by crew purser

Telephone and Fax Services
Private calls, telegrams and fax messages are directed through the ship's Radio Station. Private calls and faxed messages for crewmembers will be accepted whenever traffic allows and at the opening hours specified by the Radio Station, Misuse of telephone arid fax service is grounds for discipline and in serious cases affecting dismissal.
Wages are paid monthly in US. dollar currency. Cash advance are given once a month, for no more than half of your salary. Information about payment of wages is available at the purser office.

In special cases, if allowed by authorities, permission may be granted to visitors onboard. An application should be submitted trough the head of your department Visitors are allowed the same access to public areas as that of crewmember. At no time should the visitors take up space that would normally be used by passengers. The crewmember is responsible for the conduct of his / her visitor (s). From time to time, usually the Cruise Line offers a special rate for friends and family. This offer has certain restriction. Please consult your supervisor for more information.

Going Ashore
Take care to follow the instruction given when going ashore. Do not forget to bring your crew pass and 1-95 document. Bring with you a note with the location of the ship and the telephone/address of the ship's agent.
Uniform must not be worn during shore leave. Do not block the gangway area, and always let the passengers go ashore first. Passengers have priority at all times!
You should report back onboard at the advised time.
To be left behind is a serious matter that may involve dismissal and considerable expenses. Should you be left behind, notify the ship's agent immediately

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