Sabtu, September 29, 2012

Why I Choose Hotel and Tourism?

When I was 10 years old, I have a dream to be a docter, so I can cure the patience and help many people, and recognized. All my parents support my dream, and they said me to learn more and more. Actually I'm not clever boy at that time. Most of my time I used for playing kite, fishing, and walking around by bycicle. Some times I do fighting with my enemy till I broke my nose and oftenly get loose. I was a quite naughty boy at that time.
Time goes by, after  graduating my elementary school at SDK Swastiastu I Denpasar, fortune I accepted to continue study at junior high school in SMP Negeri I Denpasar. Here all my friends are very hard learner, the competition to gain knowledge and good mark from teacher are very thight. I was the most stupid student at the class, and oftenly get rank number two from behind. I don't care about studying, I just want to enjoy what I want to do. Finally after graduating my junior high school, I continue to study at senior high school in SMAN 1 Denpasar.
I Never dream to work and invest my future in tourism industry, especially in academic field, till I visited my uncle in hospital. When I entered the hospital, I couldn't breath well because I heard people crying, suffering, an alcohol smell. I saw broken body in emergency, blood, tears, panic, hysteria the victim of accident. I feel sick, and I changed my mind not to be a docter, but I would like to work and invest my future in a place where I could see a beautifull things like heaven, I would like to see people smile, happy, good smeel, nice aroma, nice atmosphere, and I would like to see a new world, a travel, and gain money, experience.
Thats why, after graduating my senior high school, I accepted to study in Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (STP Nusa Dua). I took a Diploma IV Hotel Administration. Here I learn a lot about hotel, especially in management and administration field. I also learn how to cook, how to serve the guest, how to maintain my attitude to be a good hotelier. Fortunately I could get training in Orchard Hotel Singapore focused on FB service. So I knew Singapore a wonderfull country, sophisticated, clean and tidy.
After graduating my study at STP Nusa Dua, I worked in some five stars hotels in Kuta and Nusa Dua and continue to work in MSC Cruise, MV. Melody as an Assistant Waiter. Here I could see the world, the old and romantic city in Europe, Afrique and America such as : Genova, Napoli, Palermo, Sicilia, Tunisia, Katakolon, Heraklion, Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, Cassablanca.
Actually Hospitality is mostly a practice, an attitude. That's the investor want from us who learn hospitality. We don't need 'too much' clever. Clever means nothing when we can't smile and respect each other. That's a message that I could catch till now from learn hospitality.
Now, I have a dream to be a great writer, researcher, accademician in Tourism and Hospitality. I would like to take apart in keep Bali on the track of Sustainable Tourism Development, I would like to write books about hotel management, and I would like to make all my students success go abroad working in cruise ship or hotels, I have a dream I could change my students attitude become a great hotelier. Finally may God Bless Us...Everything happened as God Will.

Last but not least, I try to write in English, just want to practice my English, it has been a long time a never use my English. I'm very sory if ther is a lot of mistakes in structure, gramatical. I just want to enjoy my self by writing and sharing my idea. Thank you very much, bang siu aturang samas!