Minggu, Juni 16, 2013

Thing about Balance in My Mind

As a human, I never stop to say thanks to the God almighty for everything. I never stop to think that why we are life, why we are exist, and are the things that I am facing on real or fake? sometimes I think that the real thing is un real and sometimes I find that the unreal that I'm facing on is real. Good thing sometimes become bad thing and Bad thing sometimes become a good thing. Based on those experience, I believe in 'rwa bhineda' concept and Yin Yang concept. A good thing exists because there is a bad thing- The man exist because there is a woman- Rich man exists, because there is a poor man - Supply exists because there is a demand- The bos exists because there is a jerk-everything has a pair for a balance.

In my mind, the changes are always happe
ned for making a Balance, because balance make everything exists, and an existance make changes. Balance is the thing that we need to make everything runs well. We have to make our self keep in balance, the most important thing is in keeping our mind in balance. Keeping our mind in balance is not easy, need practice and patience, patience and practice.

The holyman in hinduism or budhism said do the meditation to keep our mind in balance, so you can concentrate and focus in everthing that you do, and do everything without any expectation, just do it and don't ever think the result that you will gain, because the result will come it self equal with the efforts you did. We could remember The Beatless said "at The end of the time, love that you take is equal with the love that you give"

Picture 1
I like Blankon so much, this type of hat I think the symbol of wise, low profile, loyalty, hospitality and always learn from life

Picture 2
I realy apreciate the kindergarten teacher, really patience in guding kids to learn life

 Picture 3
Standing on the alley that I'm leave in

 Picture 4
I have a dream to make a business which is have thight realationship with my job now
Life is how to keep everything in balance
and we life on wheells that always move on
I try to keep in Balance
I love Balance
even I Know that is not easy to make my life in Balance