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Istilah istilah dalam Tata graha (House Keeping) di Kapal Pesiar

Berikut ini adalah istilah-istilah penting yang digunakan pada departemen Tata Graha di Kapal Pesiar

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The rear of the vessel
O or toward the middles of the vessel between the bow and the stern
The width of the vessel at her widest part
The lower decks (downstairs)
A boat is carried on a ship (life boat)
The forward or front part of the vessel
The ship’s command center located forward, topside
Any of the partition walls used to seperate various areas of the ship, such as rooms, etc.
An abbreviation of the word disembark
Strictly in a nautical sense, a dock is the water space alongside a pier, warf or quay in which a ship docks while being loaded or unloaded. In general usage, however, the words dock, pier wharf and quay are used synonymously to mean a structure to which a ship ties up when in port
To go aboard a ship, to begin a journey
Forward (fwd)
The front of the ship
Free Port
A restricted zone at a seaport, where duty-free goods are sold
Ship’s kitchen
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Portable walkway used for guests or crew to enter or leave the ship
Opening of the ships’ side for gangways or stores loading
A generic term that refers to the ships steering
Inferior of a vessel below decks where cargo is stored
A unit of speed, equivalent to one nautical mile per houre. A nautical mile is 0,6080 feet which is 0,15 of a statute mile
A daily record of ship’s speed and progress
Port Side
To your left, facing forward indicated by a red navigational light
“a retractable fin” extended from either side of the ship for smoother sailing
To your right, facing forward, indicaged by a green navigational light
The aft (rear) of the vessel

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Inspection list
Document that defines the which inspections have to be carried out by whom and when
Waste Management
Refers to garbage seperation system. HK Manager is responible and each crew member accountable for their section
Public Health
USPH regulation according to the Vessel Sanitation Manual. Outbreak prevention includes a weekly schedule of sanitation (telephones, handrails, drains & sink stoppers, toilet brushes, Ice buckets, furnishings in Children’s room)
Includes bed linen and towelling
Par stock
3,5 times the total of guests (1 par in cabin, 2,5 in locker, linen, trolley and laundry
Towel change
Once per cruise, pre-defined by Management, Clean-dirty exchange
“Out of use” or “fuori uso” towels
Are discarded towels that have been stamped like so and are for the use of cleaning
The company that provides the cleaning chemicals, there is a distribution system installed in the Hotel Stores
Those are small storage areas assinged to the working stations. Those lockers are kept under strict SMS and Sanitation rules
Ice Pantries
Small areas where ice machines are located. They are kept under strict SMAM and Sanitation rules
Cleaning Material
Is provided in good quantities on a weekly basis, and must not be left around the ship
Machines are distributed by sections and the serial number identifies the machines. A monthly inventory inventorieses the machines
We differentiate between the Cabin Steward Trolley, the Mini Bar Trolley, Laundry Trolley, Linen Valet trollies,
Set up
This term refers to the initial presentation towards our guests
This is the room

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Life jacket
They are kept in the wardrobe and available one per passenger. The jackets must be always in perfect conditions. Life jackets for children are available
Turn down
Is done in the evening and entails preperations outlined in the manula
Excurion towel
This is a towel for the usage of the guest during an excursion on the beach. This is generally placed upon turn down
Laundry Basket
Is usually kept in the laundry and will placed on the foot of the bed during Turn down
Back to Back
Are guests that undertake a second consecutive cruise on the same ship. Usually they are moving to another cabin
Cabin presentation
This is done on embarkation day by the cabin steward in order to explain all the functions of the cabin to the embarking guests
Ving card
This is the card used to access the room. The system is called Ving system and one set includes 4 ving cards
Magnetic cards
This are room access cards with a different system. Usually used on newer ships
Comment forms
Are given to the guests prior to the end of the cruise
Daily Programme
Is the Today and is available at the Front Desk, and is aswell placed in the Cabins upon turn down
Empty Cabins
Are to be kept clean and presentable at all times
Environmental Policy
A sticker is placed in the bathroom, indicating to the guest what they want to do in respect of the towels
Excellence Programme
Cabin and Room service personnel must call the guests by name, checking your self in the mirror before going into guest area, Guest Check Folder
Guest privacy
Is to be respected at all times, no door banging, at sea vacuum cleaning does not start before 09.30 am
Guest complaints
Must be handled immediately.

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Is placed in the ice bucket in the cabin twice a day. Ice buckets with bottle of champagne is also refilled regularily
A complete laundry services is provided for the guests. For the Regular service the laundry is collected in the morning and returnd the following day before 6.00 pm. Same day service the laundry is returned by 6.00 pm
Lost and Found
Are articles left behind in the cabins upon check out, or found around the ship. They must be handed to the Guest Service Office
Luggage delivery
Upon embarkation the luggage is delivered to the cabin by assigned Housekeeping cleaners
Luggage packing/Unpacking
This service is provided upon guest request
Luggage Tags
Those are placed in the cabins at the end of the cruise. 3 tags per guest are provided
Sea day
The ship is at sea and does not call on any port
Embarkation – Turn around
The day when all guests check in and out
Mattress Sticker
Stickers indicating the months are placed on the mattress and those are turned every 3 month
Rough sea
When the sea is rough special attention must be given to the guests, Dramamine, apples and crackers are available. Sick bags may have to be placed around the ship
Snack Service
Snack items are placed in the cabins when mini bars are not available and the cruises are longer than 5 days
Toga sheets
Extra sheets are given to guests in order to dress up for Roman night
Honeymooner/Anniversary packages
Those are pre-purchased packages that need to be placed in the cabins upon embarkation
Need to be delivered to the cabins upon receival
Invitation cards
Are issued for invitations to cocktails and are distributed by the Housekeeping Personnel

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VIP treatments
There are four categories of VIP treatment as per product plan. Canapees are delivered 5 minutes prior to embarkation
Gifts and flowers are delivered to the cabins. Wine packages are delivered without the ice bucket
Guest Assistance
There is day time and night time assistance. During the day the Asst. Housekeeping Manager takes care, while during the night the same is helped by the Night stewards and cleaners
Must be disposed in special containers
Must be kept either in the Mini bar fridge or the Hospital
Food service
Is provided in the Food outlets or through the Room service
Room service
Provides a 24/7 service. Breakfast, sandwiches and drinks. Dinner and lunch upon request
Wheel Chairs
Assistance must be given to those guests in wheel chairs. Prior disembarkation and embarkation is ensured
Handicapped rooms
Those rooms are specially designed for those guests and feature wider doors and a spacier bathroom with a direct help line
Working schedule
Will provided to each crew member
Longer sick absences than 3 days, will result in working in the Room service until the end of the cruise
Lost luggage
Should the guest not receive their luggage a free laundry service is provided
AVO – Maintenance Order
This is a maintenance order (avoid verbal order) issued by the HK Manager
Replaceables - Consumables
Replaceables are plates, silverware, glasses, etc. Consumables are items that are being consumed (toilet paper, soap, etc.)
Are physically carried out before each ending of the month
Spot checks
Are carried out by the Inventory officer

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Vessel Inspection Report
Once a week the Housekeeping Manager with the HD and DS carry out a Quality inspection
Training Sessions
Are carried out in order for the personnel to improve professional skills
Product Plan
Is a plan describing the product to be delivered to the guests
Are assigned to each cabin stewards and some key positions within the cleaners
Are assigned to the cabin stewards and the issuance is countersigned
Requisition of Material
There is a schedule when items can be taken from the stores
Routine cleaning
A schedule of routine cleaning is established by the Housekeeping manager
A daily gathering in order to receive instructions for the day
A held regularily between Managers and Asstistant and colleagues
Break of voyage
A guest not wishing to conclude the cruise
Those need to be compiled neatly. Typically those are found for Sanitation, Temperature control and prevention of all sorts
Luggage clothing
This includes safety shoes, safety belt and luggage vest and is available from the Asst. Hk when assigned to luggage handling
Luggage tag list
Is prepared by Housekeeping Manager and assigns the colour of the luggage tags to sections of the ship

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