Kamis, November 12, 2009

Contoh Hasil Translator

Today, following the research professor, can hopefully make additional science research, compiled all the thesis. Actually, this event is very useful, just ikut aja hard ngatur time if it will be doing research. The important endeavor wrote, yes. Interested in the field of tourism economics, pengen examine the "impact analysis on service quality and guest satisfaction the desire to stay for tourists staying at five star hotels Ok Badung regency. The plan would pake SEM, because honestly wrote a desire to learn the use of SEM is very large, so the title and theme is deliberately directed research in order to use this analysis technique. can hope so, because denger-denger, SEM is complicated and should really - really know the concepts and theories from the fields under study ... ... challenging wuaahhh dah ... OK, lets begin the story, hoping for the best and ready for the worst aja ya .... please oa his blessing, readers ...!

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