Jumat, Maret 20, 2009


Information and Technology play an important roles for tourism industry and development. It can't deny that nowadays every body needs information as a basic needs. In tourism, information and technology could improve the progress and development. For examples : The hotel and accomodation need softwares for simplying the accounting transaction. The assistence of technology and information could make everything more accurate, effective and effisient.
According to my experiences when I Worked in a five star hotel at Kuta-Bali, The hotel using LIBICA as Hotel Integrated System. LIBICA used in front office and housekeeping section, such as : front desk officer, reservation, and order tacker. It really help the hotel staffs and manager to do their job. For example, when handling guest check out, to show the guest account, we just choose the guest name or room number in the system, print it and show the guest. After guest paying the bills, automatically all guest's data from the system, recognized as 'out'. So that the staff doesn't need to make in house guest list or departure guest list. Above all shows that Information and Technology really assist the hotel's operational.
For the students, knowing and operating computer, is a must. Otherwise, they cannot compete in tight competition of labour market in Bali.

Tasks :
1. Why Information and Technology play an important role in hotel industry?
2. According to your oppinion, why do you need to able operating computer?
3. Mention minimumly three soft ware that you recognize and give the explanation about the function!

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