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Karya Ngenteg Linggih Pura Dalem Mendek 2013

Pura Dalem Mendek
Pura Dalem Mendek 2013

Ngenteg Linggih ceremony ceremony has meaning to purify and to make a holy place Hyang Widhi adore. In the Balinese language Ngenteg means  confirmed, and Linggih means notch. Ngenteg Linggih performed the ceremony has finished constructing any structure in the form of Padmasana, Sanggah Pamerajan and temple.
Mangku Pura Dalem Mendek 2013

Ngenteg Linggih ceremony  stages :
  • The Memangguh ceremony is looking for a suitable piece of land to be made in the temple with a hint of pleading Sang Hyang Widhi (God Almighty). Memangguh Origin said: "kepangguh" or "kepanggih" means find. Memangguh more likely to be interpreted as finding the abstract plots of land. (noetic = not significant)
Prosesi Ngenteg Linggih
  • Memirak ceremony conducted to request permission to Sang Hyang Widhi to build a shrine in the form of Padmasana , Sanggah , Pamerajan and Pura . Memirak derived from the word " Pirak " means the purchase .
Ngayah Megadang di Pura

  • The Nyengker  ceremony meaning to put limits on the amount of land will be made sacred buildings by building a fence or with white rice flour sprinkled. Nyengker Derived from the word " sengker " means the limit .
Prosesi Ngebejiang

  • Mecaru ceremony has a mean as sacred victim / sacrifice presented to Sang Hyang Widhi  ( God Almighty ) for balance and harmony. Mecaru Derived from the word " caru " means sacrifice . It's all there in Hinduism of Tri Hita Karana ( Tri = three , Hita = goodness , karana = cause ; Thus Trihitakarana are three things that cause goodness ) .
Semeton Ngayah Ring Pura

  • Mlaspas ceremony done as a form of gratitude presented to Sang Hyang Widhi ( God Almighty ) , who has given his nature along with the content to human needs in the form of materials for the building of the holy place ( made ​​up of wood and stone ) , which will be used by the purposes there , and the rest will be returned again to the sphere of the universe . Mlaspas derived from the fitting ( no more - no less ) .
Pemandangan Terasering Di Mendek
Rangkaian Kegiatan Melasti
Sentana Mendek Ngayah

  • Memangku ceremony aims to act in the ceremony uniting the parts of the building , ranging from bottom-base , poles and roofs , so that the shape of a building , which was originally just a pile of material . Assume the word "memangku" is derived from the firm / sturdy , which means united and strong .
Jro Mangku Dalem Matur Piuning Ring Pasih Soka
Pasih Soka
Unique Stone at Pasih Soka
Ngenteg Linggih Pura Dalem Mendek.www.madebayu.blogspot.com
Prosesi Melasti ring Pasih Soka
Ngenteg Linggih Pura Dalem Mendek.www.madebayu.blogspot.com
@Pasih Soka, Melasti
Melasti ring Pasih Soka
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  • The Ngurip  ceremony to revive everything that comes from nature , which is used as a material to build the holy place , for example teak , sand , clay , etc. . When felled trees , sand and clay in the dredge in fuel ( brick / tiles ) to be made in building materials , all the material is dead , and all the dead carcasses order for pelinggih ( Niyasa ) does not consist of ingredients that are dead / carcass , then building it needs to be turned on or in - urip with puja spells , and ceremonies Ngurip urip derived from the word which means life .
Prosesi Melasti dari Gunung ke Laut dengan Truk
Sekaa Gong ring Prosesi Ngenteg Linggih

  • The ceremony was conducted for holying Masupati building ( Niyasa ) by way of appeal to the Sang Hyang Widhi ( Almighty God ) to be given the sanctity and value of Magic . Masupati Origin of said Pasupati means to make sacred . implementation with sprinkled tirta / Pasupati and fetched water mark in red as a symbol of Brahma , Shiva and white as a symbol of black as a symbol of Vishnu .
Such processes Ngenteg Linggih ceremony performed in the construction of Padma , Sanggah Pamerajan and temple . ( Ida Pandita Nabe Sri Bhagarawan Dwija Warsa Nawa Sandhi )

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