Minggu, Maret 28, 2010

The Importance of English in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Probably it is a little bit hard for me to write in english, because I am an Indonesian and English is not my first language for communication. It is a silly when I talk with my Balinesse friend in english, because they will call me alittle bit crazy...(hmmm....especially for villager). But that's Okay, now it is time for me to improve my writting skills in English, I Love English, I need English, I Want to be able to communicate in English very well. Without mastering English, we can't get a job easily especially in hospitality Industry. So....?

In Hotel, especially at five stars hotels in Bali, communication in English is a must! English is International language, every body must be able to communicate in English. According to my experience in Hotel Padma Bali, Grand Hyatt Bali, mostly communication in English, for example ini briefing and correspondence.

If you want to go abroad, work in Cruise Ship, or in America, please prepare your English well. Otherwise, you will never passed the interview.

How about me?

My English is still poor. I Just only a dreamer someday I could speak in English well, may be someday or in next reincarnation I will have a chance to learn in UK for couple years, so I could guarantee I Could communicate in English like a native.

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